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How do you say Lladudno?

Our weekend in Wales didn’t begin completely smoothly. Even before we left we learnt that out trains on the way back would be mostly cancelled and fully chaos, and the journey out was slow enough that even a heroic run from platform to platform couldn’t save the connection. Still, waiting for the next train we met a very kind Welsh man who was more than willing to make suggestions for our stay, so things weren’t all bad. You know you’re in Wales when….

Goats of the Mountain

Guys, it’s been a long, long time since I updated the blog. For those of you who are interested, it’s been for a variety of personal reasons. But also because I’ve been channeling all of my writing into a new blog project, Plants and Pipettes.  If you like science, or plants, you should go check it out. If you like me, personally, you should go and like us in the twitterverse, on ‘gram and facebook. It’ll help if one day I want to break free from the academic world and make it as a science communicator. Anyway. I haven’t blogged for a while, but now I’m blogging. Because we went to The Mountains.

Back to Belgium (Bruges)

I thought I would enter a nice ‘Summer throwback’ into this pretty wet and moody Winter ’19 season. Although, as it turns out, it’s a throwback to Belgium. Which pretty much means it’s also kinda wet. ‘Sure’, I hear you say. ‘Weather is all well and good.. but tell me this and tell me true. Were there WAFFLES?’ ‘Did you Eat All The Waffles??!’