Month: April 2016

Baby’s first coccolithophore

Did I ever mention that, instead of studying plants, I nearly did my PhD on coccolithophores? If I did, you maybe forgot, simply because the word coccolithophore is such a ridiculous mouthful. The name of the coccolithophore species I was going to study is Emiliania huxleyi, which isn’t really that much better. E-hux for short.

Hand-dyed silk top

The weekend before Easter, Andy and I popped up to Amsterdam to visit Ikumi.. and on the day we flew out I stumbled across an amazing fabric market. I told Andy to ‘go on ahead’, spent about a hour touching and cooing and stroking, and many euros (although surprisingly few for the amount and quality of fabric), and an extra check-in bag later, we made it home to Berlin.