Month: May 2016

Not quite green and gold

I’ve been having a bit of a mustard moment recently. Couple that with a healthy belief that our walls are too white, and it seemed for a while somewhat inevitable that we would very soon have a mustard coloured living room, and a fairly unhappy Andy (I assume unhappy, because, let’s be honest, mustard really isn’t an always and everywhere colour). 

Britzer Garden (a.k.a Tulips in Berlin)

Gal is pretty much the reason that office work is not as tiresome as it should be. Sure, the alleviation of boredom that Gal brings correlates pretty meanly with an alleviation of productivity, but you guys, thesis writing is soooo boring, I take what I get. One of Gal’s many talents is the ability to accurately throw stress balls at my head, full velocity. It’s such a skill that I think he put it on his CV, and we’ve now both taken to wearing safety glasses in the office more often than in the lab. Which leads to the point that, when Gal told me that I absolutely must visit the Britzer garden, I got on my bikes, and visited that darn garden!

Puffin Pride

Which a child tells you that their new and greatest love in the world is a tiger, skateboarding, drawing mustaches on oranges, or Disney’s ice queen, you can choose to believe that, probably, eventually, they will grow past this phase. When a grown man travels to Mull, falls in love with puffins, starts religiously watching a puffin-related show aimed at children, and spends (presumably) hours in front of the mirror perfecting his ‘concerned puffin’ look… well, there’s not much you can do except sit back, watch, and occasionally feed the flames of his peculiar passion.