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Fimo Flamingo Friend

In another episode of ‘scientists do craft to distract themselves from their terrifying professional lives’, I present to you my fimo flamingo friend, kindly made by fellow Phd-er, Mercedes.IMG_7389_2074x1382

Let’s just stop for a moment to contemplate how darn talented that girl is!

I’m going to call him a ‘custom piece’, because I’m fancy like that.  IMG_7367_2074x1382

After Mercedes paraded into work draped in beautiful and colourful broaches with parrots and peacocks made from fimo modelling clay, I asked if I might kindly join her ‘power bird’ gang. (You know, because ‘peacocking‘ is a thing)

Obviously, I opted for the most funky bird of them all, the flamingo. (Although, you guys, don’t forget that penguins are also seriously cool. And peregrine falcons – Andy’s favourite animal- are super fast! And her peacock is really, really good. As is the parrot (perrot?). So clearly, pretty much all birds that begin with Pe are the bomb.)

Anyway, I was quite delighted when my train journey the very next morning involved gifts!IMG_7376_2074x1382 IMG_7380_2074x1382

What do you think? You totally want to be in our bird gang now, amiright?


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