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Posing like Maniacs (Ashlee, Boton, Ikumi)

You guys! I submitted my thesis last Tuesday! So I thought I’d do a couple of ‘throwback Thursday’ type posts to catch up on some of the adventures we’ve been managing in the last couple of months of chaos. But then, well then my immune system, which, I have to admit, was really making a stellar effort to not get me sick during the final push, took my holiday as a chance to take its own. So instead of blogging, sewing, cleaning, gardening, painting and so on, I spent the last couple of days lying on the couch, feeling sorry for myself, calling myself the ‘King of Congestion’, and bathing in a shame spiral filled with chocolate, tissues and Gossip Cat (which is what Andy and I call Gossip girl, because we are fairly convinced that Gossip Girl is actually a High Society Cat. Probably a Persian Cat, because those guys are regal, but, lets face it, mean). Which is why this turned out to be more of a ‘throwback Saturday’. Apologies.

A.F.L….. G?

Ok, the title maybe doesn’t make immediate sense to the non-Aussie readers out there. AFL is the Australian Football League. And Australian Football (Aussie Footy- because we are lazy group of English speakers) is a weird little game played ‘down under’. It involves a lot of leaping, men wearing short-shorts, and a pointy egg-shaped ball.