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Happy Hump Day!

Here’s some lovely Aussie flowers mixed with some lovely Aussie woods, to brighten your working week.


I think they might technically have flown in from Africa, or maybe even flown down from Holland, given how fantastically well they grow all sorts of flowers in greenhouses up there. But they made their way to our local farmers market, and only cost 5 euros for a huge bunch. I know I shouldn’t buy so many flowers, but in the dark and grey winter, it’s really hard to resist.

And these guys, they look like home.



The three little ornaments are all from my family.

A little sassafras bowl.

A banksia that has magically been made into a tiny vesicle for fragrant oils (eucalypt oil now, for that double dose of homey nostalgia).

And a container made from Tasmanian Huon Pine.

I’m not really a ‘pine’ person, as far as visuals go. Our folks raised us on dark wood, and a less polished look than that little guy is sporting. But the smell of this pine is the most beautiful thing that you will ever come across.

Which is why that container sits right on the edge- so that I can reach out, grab the lid, and smell the lovely, lovely wood.    IMG_6382_2074x1382 IMG_6398_2074x1382 IMG_6406_2074x1382 IMG_6409_2074x1382  IMG_6424_2074x1382


Thanks for the wonderful gifts family!IMG_6410_2074x1382


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