Month: May 2015

Desert Days

There are times. when we’re out of the country, that I miss the Germaness of our life. And yes, by ‘Germaness’, I mean all those horrible cliche’s and stereotypes that most Auslanders (foreigners) associate with German culture. But I’m refering particularly to the ones that revolve around ‘order’, ‘punctuality’ and ‘planning’. I don’t miss them often, but …there are times. And it might sound strange to you, but one of those times, was when we woke up here:

Short Stories from GC: V (The Breakfast Buffet)

There must be over 200 people in the room, and we’re existing as clear outliers from the average age. Colourwise too, we are eggshell. They are somewhere between ‘crispy bacon’ and ‘burnt wurst’- leathery delights. When we walk past some of them on the beach I can imagine their bellies pricked and bursting and sizzling like a sausage.   Disgusting.