Month: December 2016

The 2016 Christmas Letter/At the end of the year

Hi Everyone, I think most of us can agree that 2016 has been a pretty stressful and terrifying year for the world at large. So, I hope you won’t mind excusing me briefly as, apart from a general wish that next year runs a lot more peacefully and inclusively in 2017, I take a break from the world and give a run-down of the last 365-or-so days in the Armaniewski household.

I’m in the Garden

Did any of you guys watch The Secret Garden as kids? It ends with this rather weird magic/dream-like sequence where all the kids try to summon the dad/uncle character by dancing around a campfire, which somehow causes his (dead) wife to come to him in dream form and whisper ‘I’m in the Garden’. Which is my way of sayin, in a long-winded manner, that this post is about the garden. Not really my garden, but the garden of my parents’ affectionately-named ‘Wilson Swamp House’.

Didn’t Betty Look Radiantly Beautiful?

I thought I’d flick up some pictures from the wedding of my lovely cousin Ashleigh and her now-hubby Justin. Beware all ye who enter! The following contains an absolute mishmash of photos taken from various cameras and (heavens forbid!) phones. Most photo credit goes to Ariel and Andrew M. Chronology is lost, colours are confused, and many of the dance moves captured below should not be tried at home. Welcome to my family guys!