Month: January 2016

A new ‘dress’

I started sewing up this ‘dress’ a couple of months back, and finished it right before the Christmas break. Finished should also be in quotation marks, because there are still a few things I want to do with it before it’ll really be done, but we’ll get to that later. (I probably should have also ironed it before the ‘photo shoot’, but, you know, I don’t want to overreach with the domesticity).

“You might know of it as the Temple to Jupiter.”

So said my sister, after being met with confusion when asking whether we had visited the Temple of the Olympian Zeus. Turned out we had visited it, but we hadn’t really realised what it was called. And that’s the thing about Athens, you’re walking through a fairly ordinary looking city, and then you turn around, or you walk up a hill a bit and …BAM!…

Acropolis Rock-hopolis

A normal childhood requires a great many stories, and demands that at least some of those stories have a little bit of magic thrown into them. For my sister and I, led by my sister’s obsession with all things Ancient, and with our young imaginations rather firmly captured by a particularly wonderful book, this childhood magic filtered in through the escapades of the Greek Gods.


Happy New Year Friends! I thought that this year I’d share my four general aims for 2016, as they pretty much manage to cover the myriad of smaller intentions I have for improvement this year. Because it turns out that the start of the year is quite a convenient time to think about change. So here we go: make, think, join, give.