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Happy New Year Friends!

I thought that this year I’d share my four general aims for 2016, as they pretty much manage to cover the myriad of smaller intentions I have for improvement this year. Because it turns out that the start of the year is quite a convenient time to think about change.

So here we go: make, think, join, give.

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I’m a scientist by trade (completion of my doctoral thesis- of a thesis that I’m proud of, is definitely on the ‘to do’ list this year), but I want to try harder to spend more of my free time being creative. Cake, clothes, curries, complicated recipies, cards, and curios for our home all fall into the plan. For those of my family who kindly gifted me some money to spend for my birthday and Christmas, thank you!- it’s most likely going into paper, pens, and picture frames.



Thinking this year is mostly going to be about waste. Planning the way I spend my time, money, and most importantly, global resources. I want to eat less meat, buy local food, use what I  buy, and prevent the plastic pile-up. Restrict myself from buying fast food and fashion, and generally spend more on big purchases and experiences, instead of spending on small disposable things.

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Last year, for the first time, I took advantage of the extremely cheap sports courses at my uni and got off my bum and into jumping (exercise on a mini trampoline= embarassing, uncoordinated fun for all the family). But Berlin has so many offerings that we’d like to try: museums, arts, comedy, riding, trekking, fruit picking, language meetups….

TV is not an activity, TV is not an activity, TV is not an activity.

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Due to some childhood trauma involving the phrase ‘why would you think I would want that?’, giving makes me nervous. But last year I felt inspired by one of my friends and collegues- one of the most generous people I’ve met- and tried my hand breifly at gifting of time in making of cards and cookies and Christmas cheer. Turns out, people don’t hate it.


So, what are you planning for 2016?


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