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Tel Aviv Pride

Hey everyone! Did you know that nearly two weeks ago Germany passed through the first stages of legalizing gay marriage? Up until now, they’ve had gay partnerships, but these partnerships lacked certain rights granted to married couples (e.g. adoption rights). Germany is lead by a coalition dominated by the CDU, the Christian Democratic Union, yet despite this conservative-leaning leadership, the vast majority of Germans support gay marriage (83%, according to wiki). And, although Angela Merkel voted against the proposition (which we are all hoping was more of a political play than a personal opinion- we want to like you Angie, we really do), the vote passed with a nearly 2:1 yay to nay ratio (393 vs 226). All of this is great news. But I do, once again, I find my self wondering, what the hell is going on down there Australia!* *I just saw that Malta also passed it this week. And this is a country that only got on board with divorce in 2011!


It’s been a bit of time since I’ve posted, because of the crazy thesis ending and all. So here’s a super quick post with a whole lot of photos of me wearing my assorted haul from the Latvian op-shops. Also included, me looking really awkward, while Andy struggles to photograph me without me pulling stupid bird faces.