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Part II. Lapland. Glass Lake and other adventures

I think I ended the last post by mentioning that, as golden ‘hour’ set in on our evening up in Lapland, the lake turned to glass.

We took to the boats…

IMG_8010 (Copy) IMG_8014 (Copy)

So guys, I”m not feeling overly chatty today, so I’m just going to caption. Read the photos ok?IMG_8015 (Copy)IMG_8026 (Copy)IMG_8022 (Copy)

Looking back on our Island Home:IMG_8036 (Copy) IMG_8037 (Copy)

Dicky and Sarah floating in on the tiny boat.IMG_8042 (Copy) IMG_8045 (Copy) IMG_8046 (Copy) IMG_8047 (Copy)

Marcus attempting some sort of crossing from boat 2 to boat 1:IMG_8053 (Copy)

We formed a two-boat, nine-person raft.IMG_8054 (Copy) IMG_8058 (Copy) IMG_8059 (Copy) IMG_8072 (Copy) IMG_8080 (Copy)

Elle acting as ‘keystone’ for the boat-raft:IMG_8081 (Copy) IMG_8083 (Copy) IMG_8084 (Copy) IMG_8094 (Copy) IMG_8096 (Copy) IMG_8097 (Copy)

Back at the shack, we tucked into some marshmallows. Because all good ‘camping’ experiences need and deserve marshmallows.IMG_8098 (Copy) IMG_8102 (Copy)  IMG_8111 (Copy) IMG_8115 (Copy)

Simon and Dicky tried fishing from the shore…IMG_8117 (Copy) IMG_8119 (Copy)

…and soon afterwards had to rescue their lines from snags…IMG_8129 (Copy)

some less believable than others.IMG_8135 (Copy) IMG_8138 (Copy) IMG_8147 (Copy) IMG_8153 (Copy) IMG_8176 (Copy) IMG_8178 (Copy)

At one point, this amazing fog began to roll in.IMG_8182 (Copy) IMG_8184 (Copy) IMG_8185 (Copy)  IMG_8203 (Copy)

Beautiful, eh?IMG_8191 (Copy)


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