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Joram and the HardKores go Eating

(some drinks also involved)

If you’re following the Joram Sagas, Part 1 is here:

On the second day of his Grand Adventure to the Land of Kings, Joram and I started with a walk in the park.

Which, because Sameer had been so cruel as to let Joram exist already in London for more than 24 hours wihtout a proper introduction to any Indian food, also involved a little tandoori wrap thing.

We hit up a Brand New Coffee shop, meeting up with our friend Giulia, before showing Joram the Neon Wonder that is God’s Own Junkyard.

Beautiful, we are all beautiful.

Joram continued to demonstrate his signature ‘I’m surprised’ look, but also tried some sexier poses:


As well as whatever this is:

We waved farewell to Giulia and headed to the city centre to meet Monica, Sameer, some handpulled noodles, spicy dumplings, and our favourite chinese pancake.

Once sufficiently stuffed, we walked over to the Brick Lane area, being sure to introduce JO!ram to what we assume is the most Berlin-y part of the inner city.

(^photos above by Joram)

Plus we took this beautiful photo where everyone is actually smiling in a pretty natural way???

Joram’s one desire- apart from seeing a record store that was closed for some Evil Capitalist (probably) event on the day- was to eat a Brick Lane Beigel.


We did manage to find him another record shop- one that came complete with googly eyes and a very cute little shop doggo.

There was another farewell, a brief rest, and then a dash through the rain towards Nightjar…

^ This incredible photo is by Joram, obviously.

As are these two:


She said, objectively.

Note that Sameer’s annoying habit of trying to photograph anyone who is photographing him is not kept only for me.

We settled into some fancy drinks, while Sameer quizzed Joram about his life.

And then, with dinner calling out to us, ran through the streets of London, past one of its many foxes

(she was also running)…

.. and made it to Angelina in time for our 10 course Kaiseki restaurant.

Which also involved a few more drinks:

Ok, from here on out, most of the photos are Joram’s.

If you’re playing at home, our menu involved:

Foccacia, Delica Pumpkin, Walnut and Gorgonzola

Milk Break, Rosmarina, Shishito and Miyagawa

Pizzetta Nera

Chawanmushi, Squid and Clam

Radish, Sorrel and Ikura

Yellowtail, Pear and Beetroot

Seabream, smoked soy butter and Herring Caviar

Gurnard, Pomegranate and Fennel

Venison, Blackberry and Karashi

Cabbage and Bagna Cauda

Crab and Saussage Mezzelune

Ox, Scallop and Monkfish

Panna Cotta

Almond and Apple

In case you can’t tell from the photos, it was all delicious. Although the Chawanmushi – which is basically a savoury creme caramel- is the best, and the Apple sorbet at the end was a surprising delight.

We’ve been back to Angelina a few times now, and it is easily one of my favourite very-fancy-tasting-menus.

Aaaand that was it for our daily food.

But luckily, each day brings a new option to eat things!

On his final morning in London, Joram raced around looking for gifts for his loved ones, before meeting up with us first for a coffee….

And then, FINALLY, for the Promised Indian Food.

This time, at Gunpowder, which offered a pretty tasty and unique modernised Indian menu.

I think we all know that Lamb in its pure grilled form is always the best, but I was also impressed by this little spikey boy:

Aaaaaand that’s all folks!

Thanks Joram for visiting us and eating with us. Please come again and please send me a podcast update soon!

21st-22nd October, 2023

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