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Playing in the Snow

Today felt like a ridiculously long day. Mostly because our group meeting ran for three hours… which turns out to be at least two times longer than the ‘sitting still’ capacity of most experimental scientists.

Luckily, ‘being an adult’ means getting to reward yourself for hard work, in your own chosen way.

We went with this:_DSF9528  _DSF9533 _DSF9535 _DSF9536

Szym: “You can really pick out the Australian right?”

_DSF9541 _DSF9542

And now, in deference to yesterday being ‘penguin awareness day‘: _DSF9549

For those of you who want to see me skid around like a fool in full motion-picture-y glory: FYUV4671


(Thanks to Joram for the photos and vid).


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