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Trying to see the Oracle (and silly photos)

Sometimes, the biggest surprise of travelling, is the surprise of finding out that the place you travel to is unexpectedly closed.IMG_4166_2074x1382  IMG_4171_2074x1382After heading out 180 km from Athens with a driver and a guide in a rather large car, we were all quite upset to find that the hill at Delphi was unexpectedly closed. That despite some thorough checking by my mother-in-law, online, and with our Greek hostess.

Which meant that the treasury, the theatre and the museum would have to be reserved for another day and another trip. Not to mention the Temple of Apollo, the original locale for the Oracle herself, the Pythia (high priestess).

At least the view was good…. and we managed to find a kitty!IMG_4174_2074x1382 IMG_4177_2074x1382  IMG_4186_2074x1382 IMG_4188_2074x1382^The closest we got to the theatre.

Not all was lost. We spent a bit of time wandering around the Sanctuary of Athena Pronea.IMG_4189_2074x1382 IMG_4190_2074x1382 IMG_4191_2074x1382 IMG_4193_2074x1382 IMG_4194_2074x1382IMG_4214_2074x1382IMG_4195_2074x1382 Having been in the car for a couple of hours, the wandering mostly meant ‘trying to use up some energy. Which, for us, translates mostly into silly photos:IMG_4203_2074x1382  IMG_4215_2074x1382 IMG_4220_2074x1382  IMG_4223_2074x1382  IMG_4238_2074x1382 IMG_4242_2074x1382 IMG_4243_2074x1382IMG_4244_2074x1382

Luckily, my mother-in-law is fast on her feet, so instead of driving immediately back to Athens, we decided to first spend some time wandering around the nearby small town of Arachova, and then checking out the Monastery of Hosios Loukas.IMG_4251_2074x1382 IMG_4256_2074x1382  IMG_4262_2074x1382 IMG_4266_2074x1382 IMG_4267_2074x1382 IMG_4268_2074x1382 IMG_4271_2074x1382  IMG_4275_2074x1382  IMG_4283_2074x1382 IMG_4284_2074x1382 IMG_4286_2074x1382   IMG_4298_2074x1382 IMG_4299_2074x1382 IMG_4300_2074x1382 IMG_4302_2074x1382 Best thing about Arachova? Nice views.

Even nicer pies (cheese, cheese and spinach, tomato and ham).

I foolishly forgot to take some photos, but, if you’re ever there (presumably after a long day of wandering around Delphi), bypass the restaurants, and instead treat yourself to a 1-2 euro spanikopita. IMG_4306_2074x1382 IMG_4307_2074x1382^last family photo before the boys are forced into life as monks:IMG_4315_2074x1382    IMG_4323_2074x1382 IMG_4324_2074x1382

Hope you guys have better luck if you ever try to schedule an appointment with The Oracle!

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