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Rockin’ around the…Christmas Cactus?

This year’s Christmas tree was a bit of a rush compared to the ‘homemade pastels’ of last year, the ‘grey and red knit‘, or even the ‘guesthouse miniature’ of our very first family Northern Hemisphere Christmas.

And so, ok, I went back to my default setting of ‘RED!’

But not only because of the time issue. Also because, it is, objectively, a better colour than all the others.


Colour and Texture SMASH. Just smashing!


And this year, with a tad of home sickness setting in, and a growing collection of related tree hangings received from our assorted relatives, we went with something a little bit Australian.

And so, our tree became some sort of tannenbaum-red berry-eucalypt hybrid, casting its crazy spooky shadows across our living room walls.

IMG_3248_1037x691  IMG_3252_1037x691


IMG_3283_1037x691 IMG_3290_1037x691 IMG_3299_1037x691  IMG_3293_1037x691 IMG_3296_1037x691

And then, with arrival of presents, cards and even more ornaments from our loved ones back home, our tree broke into the ueber, and became this:   IMG_3554 (Copy) IMG_3556 (Copy)IMG_3576 (Copy)

Who even knew how beautiful Christmas time could be, when it comes complete with cactus?

(Thank you Lauren and Josh! This little fellow is currently in Greece with us)

IMG_3557 (Copy) IMG_3558 (Copy)  IMG_3570 (Copy)

A big thanks to our friends and family, for making Christmas some extra kind of magical. Lots of love to you all, and miss you Aussies heaps.

IMG_3536 (Copy)

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