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Homemade Christmas

This year, I became obsessed with the idea of making things for Christmas. You’ve seen the traditional cookies, but it extended beyond that.

I think I’ve mentioned it before, but there’s a certain type of nesting that’s settling in on me in my late 20s, and I feel a strong desire to not only ‘create’ but also ‘be an adult’ and ‘do adult things’* like sending cards and making cookie bundles.

*I suspect that this is the kind of adult thing that only happens up until the point of ‘kid-getting’ after which time becomes limiting. Let me know Parental People!


It started with a mess…IMG_3122_1037x691

…and ended with a bunch of ‘red, silver and deer’ themed cards.

IMG_2891_1037x691 IMG_2900_1037x691 IMG_2901_1037x691 IMG_2909_1037x691

The first one arrived (in Melbourne!) yesterday, which suggests that the postal service is snappy enough over the Christmas period to deal even with my tardy sending.

Still not feeling super satisfied, I moved the mess to the kitchen.IMG_3101_1037x691 IMG_3102_1037x691 IMG_3103_1037x691

Biscotti isn’t really a family thing, but it’s an Andy thing. Also on the menu, spiced stars.

Just add ginger until it forms a kind of ‘haze’ above the bowl.

Then do the same with the cinnamon.IMG_3105_1037x691 IMG_3107_1037x691

I’m calling this guy ‘Persian Biscotti’- made in honour of our friend Iman. It probably only goes to show how little I know about Iranian culture…but I’m naming it so because, as well as the dates, almonds and dried apple, I added in a couple of anthers worth of saffron.IMG_3111_1037x691

These ones are in honour of my sister (although I believe that originally my mum used to make them). They’re chocolate fruitcake truffles- and everything with that much chocolate in it kind of rings an ‘Ariel’ bell in my mind.IMG_3116_1037x691

And of course, our family’s cookies.IMG_3120_1037x691  IMG_3124_1037x691  IMG_3128_1037x691 IMG_3129_1037x691 IMG_3130_1037x691 IMG_3140_1037x691

Hope everyone else is having as much fun, and making as much mess, over their holiday period.

Let me know what you baked this season!IMG_3143_1037x691


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