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They are here!

I am pleased to announce the happy frolicking of many many family members in the great city of Berlin.

And apparently also that Andy is now Merkel 2.0.

They’re renting a rather lovely apartment on Kreuzbergerstrasse, right in the middle of everything fun and beautiful happening in Berlin’s Best Suburb. On the first afternoon, after the resting and the showering and the recuperating, we headed out for a short walk to find some grub…

Three men, waiting for their food:



The next morning, Andy got up bright and early, downed four espressos, and raced us all up the small hill that he is convinced is the ‘berg’ of Kreuzberg (more commonly known as Victoria Park).




Andy making a great tour guide- either explaining and pointing, or explaining and airMerkel-ing



We got some Gruppenfotos!


Before heading down to breakfast.
Later, we made them all do the obligatory ‘Intro to Berlin’ walking tour. For some strange reason we had to be split up, so we ended up with these two…



 (yearning over the wall)

…But the others were always close behind..

Casually crossing into the West.





 (she lost her balloon)


The afternoon saw even more walking, and Kym’s first German Sausage..

Which Steph tried to steal from him!






We passed some trampolines at A-platz, and Andy showed them how it’s done…

But they weren’t very quick learners…


Finally, we headed to the very crowded, but at least more flea-y than usual Mauerpark markets.









It’s a bit of a race-through post, but I though those of you left back home might like to see the goodtimes being had over here before they leave for Malta.

Plus- proof that Berlin sometimes does have sun!


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