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Like the Aussies do

Andy got a grill!

He was missing the bbq-ing experience, and on Friday night bought a tabletop grill.
That night, we had barbecue.
On Saturday he went to Ikea to buy a table for the balcony (and for the grill), and also came back with fairy lights.

That night, we also grilled.

‘Never is a man so happy, than when he sits with his fairy lights and his grill and his topknot’- Anon


As you can see from the background, we’ve been doing a bit of balcony gardening. We had a ridiculously large amount of things come up from seed- most of which remain unidentified- so yesterday I bought more pots, and spread everything out.

The purple and red flowers, I will admit, are potted colour bought from the station. All our stuff is still on the brink of flowering. I’m pretty excited for the sunflowers (back right)- can you believe they’re the same one from a few weeks ago?











I’m pretty sure we’re winning at this ‘balcony gardening’ thing. Game on Potsdamers!


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