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Day of the Tower

I’m not feeling particularly into the writing today, so it’s mostly just photos. Plus, this post consists mostly of pictures of the tower from various angles. 
You have been warned.

So on the Sunday morning of our great Parisian adventure, we gorged on macarons, which you may or may not have already heard about.  Later on, we rolled on over to the tower- after realising that we’d been remiss in missing many-a photo posing opportunity.

Look! Andy is the tower!

And now I am! Amazing!

Tall Andy is Tall.

And my favourite photo of me plus tower that I had to beg Andy to take:

We headed over to some sort of Modern Art Museumy thing which was not the Pompidou Centre.

It was truly beautiful and breathtaking and … and then Andy mentioned that in the whole mural, only one woman was present.

There she is. Madame Curie:

Which made me a bit sad, even though we can blame ‘history’ and all.

They also had dresses by ‘Alaia’ which I want so so badly. How amazingly awesome are these?

Yeah I’m pretty sure this is my wedding dress:

Look! More pictures of the tower:

Later in the evening we headed up Montparnasse tower, one of the ugliest buildings with the most beautiful view of the city.

Later that evening we ate some mediocre food at a pretty terrible restaurant. Turns out maybe there aren’t any real Mexicans in Paris.

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