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I have to warn you, this post will contain Kittens. Well actually, A Kitten, but with enough photos of her that you will think that there are hundreds of them.

For those of you who prefer sheep, we also have a bit of that coming up too!

We started our morning in Belpasso talking to a rather lovely old man who owned the apartment/hostel we’d stayed in, and eating sweet pastries with glue-sugar-custard inside for breakfast.


Then we hit the road, and almost immediately hit sheep. Not in the literal way thankfully, as they were very well behaved and so was mother.


We drove on a rather nice autobahn (much less scary than the previous winding roads of mountainous terror), stopping on the way to say a squinty goodbye to Etna.






The journey to Cefalu passed without major incident. Mother drove, Andy navigated, I tried to stuff as many of Andy’s 10 Kg of oranges into my mouth and the mouth of the others as was humanly possible.

I have to say, that they were amazingly good oranges. I’m pretty sure I will never find this sort of fruit in Germany- and fair enough- these ones were very clearly locally sourced.

Still, 3.3333bar kg of oranges/person is a lot of oranges to eat in just 2 1/2 days.


Here is why I wanted to go to Cefalu. Much like the Azure Window on Gozo, the pictures online gave the town and its ‘Rock’ a much more beautiful and sunny disposition than we first encountered in real life.

Nonetheless, we decided to climb that rock! Up and Up and Up.


Only to find that the entrance to the world above, filled with ruins, temples and ancient bread ovens- was locked! We took some pictures, crept along the rockface (featuring actual mountain goats!), and then headed back down.





Luckily, the disappointment of not being able to see the real view from the very top was rapidly quashed by the arrival of this sweet fellow.





Andy has his domes, I have my cats. Pretty much the happiest I’ve ever been.
Mother liked her too:


I was pretty adamant about staying on the mountain with that cat, and even tried to lure her down (she followed for a bit, but then decided she had better things to do). Andy tried more successfully to lure me away from the cat, by offering sweet sweet compensation.

Besides, we’d been in Sicily for several days, and had hardly had any time to try the famous Canoli and (to be honest much better) Sfogliatelle our Italian work friends had recommended.



All this eating occurred in a small Piazza surrounding the Cefalu Cathedral…



… we had a quick look inside, and then homed in on the ocean, and rocky exploration.




We certainly weren’t the only people exploring the rocky shore, but we were certainly the most goat-like. And the most posey:






Contemplating when to cross the flooded lowlands…


And the next set of images I title: A Hipster Eating Oranges on A Rock.



Some point very early in the adventuring, we lost mother. She’s just not that into leaping I guess. We headed back to the centre, keeping close to the water at all times.


Andy recorded the standard ‘proof of live’ that Mari-Anne assures me ‘every mother expects from her 28 year old son’, and we carried on in search of my Mutti.

Eventually, we found her, and went in search of more food.
Try to imagine that some time has passed since the eating of the cakes. If not, we just look like pigs. Some of that time was the 4 or so hours Andy and Mother spent searching for The Best place to eat in Cefalu.

It probably seemed longer to all involved because I kept moaning ‘I’m hungry I’m hungry’.

We walked for Miles (possibly 500 of them) in search of a restaurant rated 7th in all of Cefalu- Al Faro. We couldn’t find it, but instead ended up at what seemed to be the right address, but wrong restaraunt: La Trinacria.


As you can see form the background, the place was less restaurant and more ‘shop selling everything edible including stuff you can eat while sitting here’. A bit like Knofi, in Kreuzberg. I.e. my idea of perfection.

We were a bit disappointed to first see a general lack of fish on the menu, but managed to coerce a ‘fish of the day’ out of the waiter, and went for that, a huge salad, and a starter featuring several types of fish with olive oil and lemon.

3 months on, and my mouth is still watering remembering that fishy-sashimi.

The fish of the day, served in a tomato, onion, caper, olive, garlic etc. sauce, was also amazingly good, and ridiculously sized:








Super satisfying: I’m not sure at all why La Trinacria is only number 32 on Trip Advisor’s ‘eat me Cefalu’ list.

We headed home, with a final chance for Andy to demonstrate that he is just a natural poser.


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