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La Sagrada Familia

I took too many photos.

And I’m not even sorry.

La Sagrada Familia is another of Gaudi’s works- and is in arguably his truest masterpiece.

He began work on the project in 1882, and as you can see that work is still¬†ongoing- they expect to get everything finally completed for 2026- which will mark 100 years after Gaudi’s death!

The exterior, I have to say, is not so much to my taste. The facade is literally dripping with Tack- Saints, animals, vines, -what looks a lot like hanging breasts-

All loaded up one on another to make a heaving mass that makes any sane being want to scream ‘LESS IS MORE LESS IS MORE’

At least the tortoise is cute…

And well, this is ok, with the hidden bugs and everything, if a little ‘low rent’.


But despite the horror, I impeach you to make the Sagrada Familia the one Gaudi place you go to visit. Because the inside does not¬†deliver on the tacky ’80s fruitbowlness’ of the exterior.

Oh no!

It. Is. Beautiful.


It’s a massively vast space, which looks to me like the underside of an insect- all exoskeletal and geometric… which somehow, at the same time as looking incredibly mechanical and futuristic, also manages to look natual, curved, and classically timeless.

And just look at those windows! I’m a sucker for a rainbow.



Amazing spiral staircases- unfortunately blocked off to the tourists.. we discussed creeping through and running up them, but the bannisters are too low, and we’d have to crouch or crawl for the whole climb. Probably would have been worth it though..

Check out that streaming light:



The glazed seals on the columns representing the four Apostles.


Oh the Glory!


I Love them I love them I love them!
I love that they are made up of abstract shattered shapes, and aren’t trying to be figures.
I love that they are rainbow coloured.
And I love the natural segue from one colour to the next.


Looking back at the altar. I mean, REALLY! I challenge anyone to go there and remain unimpressed.



Everything guarded by one of the ‘Ni’ knights…



Doesn’t this look exactly like some sort of bug? Something from the imagination of Miyazaki perhaps?


We tried to get some selfies, to break up the 1000s of photos of ‘just’ building.

It’s possible we failed.




These are from out the ‘back’. Definitely more classic lines and less Tack than the front.


The door. Can you see the little cube in the middle?

All the numbers added any way make 33.


I tried to get a photo with my dress, because I think it kind of matched the background.



Bits of Organ reflecting bits of light…




And we’re out again..

And Andy is being dwarfed by all that Crazy.

Ok, so there’s also a museum, which explains the what and the why and the how. We wizzed through, but I think you could easily spend an hour or so inside.



Right- Take Home Message.

If you are there, make sure you book in advance, and also try to book the tickets that let you go onto the roof (we weren’t early enough to get them)/

But really.

Go. To. There

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