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Barcelona Final

Ok.. We’re currently in Granada, and I haven’t finished writing about the trip to Barcelona several months ago. Which makes our lives sound a lot more glamourous than they are, and also makes me sound super tardy.

So. Barcelona. Final Part.
Morning began, as I can only assume all mornings in Spain do, with fresh churros fetched for me by my beloved….

… which actually turned out to be a little heavy for my delicate stomach- which is clearly used to a diet of potatoes and cabbage.

Our touristic visit of the day was the Barelona opera house, which I mostly wanted to see because- CEILING!

As far as I understand, if you don’t have the time or cash to catch a show, the only way to see the thing is with the guided tour, which will set you back about 10-15 euros. We started off with a short video, highlighting the history of the opera house- to some degree- but mostly just showing a lot of semi-famous people talking about how wonderful the place is. The group was then split into two, and we were all relived to be in the group that wasn’t lead by our boring guide from the previous walking tour.



The whole place is actually much smaller than you would expect from the online photos… a fairly small stage, and not much room for an audience. But I suspect that this would actually make for a much more intimate and awesome theatre experience.









Don’t worry, Andy got a turn at posing too.







Can you tell I’m not in a very wordy mood today? Sorry guys.
After the theatre, we split from the folks again.
Anyway, the top ‘food’ place on tripadvisor for Barcelona is, kind of strangely, an icecreamry. It’s called Manna, they seem to make lots of different and weird flavours, the one I had tasted like frozen creamy figs, and it was good enough that we dragged the folks back in the evening.
Here, I pose with icecream:
(But I’m not that greedy – the second one in shot is Andy’s)














This park was pretty close to the university- but I can’t remember the name. I wanted dearly to get in one of the little boats, but Andy was following the sound of his stomach, and wasn’t keen…

… which is actually quite rude considering that he’s always telling me that I have to practice my boating if we ever want to go to Antarctica one day.









We headed to the beachfront, which I would highly recommend if you go to Barcelona. There’s lots of artsy stuff near the beach, and the beach itself (this was on a Sunday), was so full of people playing sport and lazing in the sun and just being generally happy which, especially if you’re coming from one of the colder and darker places in europe, is so super super lovely.

I think I’ve already mentioned a few times on this blog how much Andy and I miss the sound and smell and sight of the sea.






When I was young, I was always the kid going straight for the water. I remember multiple warnings from the folks which ranged from ‘you don’t have a change of clothes’ to ‘you’re not going back in the car if you’re wet’ which never really seemed to phase me.

I am of the firm belief that if your dress is too good to get wet, you shouldn’t be wearing that dress.




Look at those clouds!! Can anyone who knows about these sorts of things tell me if it’s just a factor of being on the sea that you get such beautiful skyscapes?

Selfie time…









In the evening we met up with the ‘rents again, and headed down La Rambla…. past the Miro’ mural…



… and towards the Columbus column, which we scaled for a little looksie at the city at night.











aaaand.. that’s all folks.We had one more half day in Barcelona, but lucky me, I managed to poison myself on what must have been bad mussels, and spent the morning feeling terrible.

Andy went out to buy a skateboard.

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