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Autumn Dress

I made another thing.
It’s a dress! Hurrah. Complete with.. you guessed it, pockets!The rather beautiful material rocked up at my place one day, in the suitcase of my mother-in-law. It turned out that my mother had been cleaning out her sewing room, had found the material, and decided that the best way to get rid of it was to ship it 13,568 km to Berlin.

Apparently I bought it when I was about 6 or 7, back when we visited Indonesia. My sister and I each got to pick some fabric, and a I naturally chose the brightest thing I could.Anyway, on to design.

I wanted something loose and kind of casual- a weekender- that didn’t require zips or buttons to get on and off.

It’s self drafted, which is to say that I made a fairly sack-like bodice with a fairly sack-like gathered skirt. The ties give the options to wear it in a slightly more fitted manner, as above….…or open (as below).Also, you know, I really like ties and bows. I think I own about 8 tops that can be described as ‘long sleeve silk with pussy bow’.    So. Things I like.

I like how casual yet colourful it is, and I enjoy the ties on both the sides and the straps, as well as the pockets (of course). I also like that I use almost all of the fabric. The ties on the top are actually sewed on to the bodice in order to fit everything in and use the scraps.   And things that still need work? Well, I was pretty happy with my arm and neck holes this time around, as far as neatness. I clipped and ironed and pinned and sewed, and it came out fairly well. I didn’t bother biasing everything, so it does look messy from the inside. But you know me- I’m not much for the last 20% of details.

Apart from that, the only real problem is that the neck and arm holes gapes a tiny bit. It’s not enough to need fixing via pleat insertion or anything, but it’s a bit imperfect in shape.

But all in all, I’m very happy how everything turned out.That’s all folks. Here’s another gratuitous autumn shot to end on.


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