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Some Colour in Wintertime

aka., if you like orchids.

On the fourth of Feb, as part of a plan to counter our various winter Sads, we headed out to Kew Gardens.

The special feature of the day was an Orchid show, which was ‘inspired by the beauty and biodiversity of Cameroon.’

After a brief wait in the queue, and a bit of a shuffling through the various bottlenecks of the Princess of Wales greenhouse, we came upon our first Big Exhibit of the flowers in questions:

In lion form!

Quite impressive in close up….

…but not as impressive as us once we turned up our full Lion Action!

Of course, the main point of the orchid festival was to show the flowers themselves:

As we strolled through, our encounters with beautiful floral bunches continued…

…As did our encounters with exotic animals

All up, my favourites were the tiny delicate and chaotic orchids, as well as the ones that look like slippers:

… but I’m not against having any of them in my home.

We finished the day with what can only be described as ‘highly terrible’ Australian food at a nearby cafe. The Lamington was dust dry to a nearly-crunchy state, and my choice to be adventurous and order the ‘banana vegemite’ milkshake turned out to be a terrible idea.

Sometimes, it’s better to just end on flowers.

4th Feb, 2023


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