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Frolicking in Autumn

Last night there was a ton of wind, and when we stepped out this morning most of the golden leaves around our Potsdam haunt had taken their final Fall.

Losing autumn comes with a sense of dread, correlated with and caused by ‘winteriscoming-itis’, has only been accentuated by the loss of our daylight saving hour. Now, when you look outside and the sun is setting, it really is only 4:30.

So let’s have have some photos from the blur of snaps I’ve taken in the last 10 days or so…as a loving tribute to Autumn.

In Memory:

Last weekend we headed to the big city to catch up with friends and climb some rocks.

Andy decided to practice the climbing before we got the Klettern world:

He’s such a filthy communist.

These look a little bit Aussie to me….

How great are those colours?!

There is something so cool about a day when you actually get a (fairly) blue sky, and you have golden light matching and bouncing off golden leaves.

I’m sad to say that the above photo (sunrise), and the photo below (sunset) were taken on the same day. This is a sign that
a) I spend too much time at the Institue
b) Winter is coming!

This is one of the paths we take as a shortcut to the institute. If I get a bit more organized I might try to take photos throughout the year, to show you how amazing the change in surrounding grasses and weeds is over the season.

Winter is coming!

We’re heading to Paris this ((extra) long) weekend, and I’m hoping that the several degrees of latitude of south-ness of the city will mean that we still get a little bit more of that autumn beauty… wish us luck!

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