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The final Budapest

I only took a couple of photos on our final day in Budapest.. partially because it was really only a half day, and partially because the weather finally gave in to Autumn and everything looked a bit like this:

In order to escape the misty drizzle that had descended, we headed to the Great Market Hall.
The building I quite lovely, with a slight air of ‘old British station’ to it, and the ground floor is filled with fruits and vegetables, cheeses and meats and all manner of lovely and unpronounceable (in Hungarian) things.

Ellen and I were in search of some Langos, which I had not managed to try yet during our stay, so we headed upstairs.

Which to be perfectly honest, I would not recommend. While the ground floor has a fairly open feel, upstairs is full of narrow, corridors, with too many stalls, too many people and not enough space. While they do have the lovely needlework, the area seemed to mainly be dominated by tourist tack.

We did find some Langos though…

And on that day, I discovered that actually, I don’t really like Langos. The bread is deep fried, so you’re starting with a hefty amount of oil. Then add sour cream, for added fat, cheap cheese, and a sprinkle of ham. Everything you ever needed for the heart attack you never wanted.

We also totally overestimated our appetites (due to a lack of breakfast), and went for one each. After carrying the remaining 2/3s of mine around for about half an hour, I finally chucked it out.

We headed down to the safety of the lower levels, and bought some fresh berries to ‘cleanse our palettes’.

After wandering to Hero’s Square, and agreeing that it was a little uninspiring-in-the-present-weather but nonetheless pleasing-in-its-holding-of-behorsed-figures-that-look-agreeably-like-Ringwraiths.. we journeyed onwards.

There was a random billboard-art installation, one of which could have proven extremely helpful with our pronunciation of Hungarian if only we’d come across it sooner.

Sadly, our destination was closed:

… and we were left to guess what this meant for all the cats who should have been contained within.

So it seemed it was time for our Final Meal in Budapest. Of course we went for something traditional… Israeli cuisine:

That’s all Folks!

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