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 A few weeks back, Pau and I once again hit a 1 year mark on our progression through time. To celebrate being now ridiculously old, we dressed up in our finery, and danced around the apartment.

Which is a perfectly acceptable thing to do, as long as you remember to invite some friends.

The theme was Movies and Music.. I’m something vaguely Gatsby, and Pau is Sandy, from Grease.

(I should note that about half the photos below are taken from Pau- Thanks Pauli!)

Andy, complete with Energy Dome, went as one of the members of the band Devo. Which no-one knew, so he spent the whole evening singing ‘Whip it‘ to anyone who would listen

Harry Potter:

Napolean Dynamite. Complete with Tatertots (a.k.a- pretty much the best birthday present I’ve ever been given)

and moon boots:

Adam also spent the night discovering that Napoleon Dynamite is less international than he had thought.

A very beautiful fairy:

Some cat-women

Marylin-Marylin Manson:

And Brian Molko from Placebo:

And this very charming couple:

(Heidi and Seal)

Alice and some friends:

and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

A dinosaur a dinosaur!!!

And these two- who make up my favourite photo of the evening:

(Dr Zhivago and his lady love)- I have never seen anyone rule a mustache quite like Anna did that evening:

(and yes, that includes you Heidi Klum).

Although The Dude also had pretty cool facial hair going on:

On with the photos:

Thanks for all the fun everyone- I was super impressed that you actually all bothered to dress up!

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