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I have been scolded for leaving you all in suspense regarding Cefalu.
TADA! Here it comes…

On the second day in Cefalu we set about to climb that giant rock like it had never been climbed before.

Check out that determination!




We made it through the city, up the first lot of stairs, past the goats….

And, this time, actually through the gates and into the walled fortress.


There was much celebration for making it through, followed by much ‘shotgunning’ of the place in the event of the Zombie Apocalypse.

It might need extra fortification, but it comes ready equipped with all your modern kitchening needs:

(I was bread.)



Plus it has a pretty nice view on the zombie hoards below..

… FAR below



And sea views, for when the cavalry arrives.


(Mum, I’m Alive. Please send Weapons)

Climb a little higher, and you’ll see there’s also a temple. For all your worshiping needs, although it’s a little on the ancient side..





But even that is just a fraction of the way up!


We climbed higher.

I spent the majority of the journey upwards waaaay behind the others, and was constantly overtaken by over-sixties. Clearly I will require some sort of carrying-slave-person come the apocalypse.

Finally, like Bear Grylls before us, we reached The Summit!




In the end, the view from the top was definitely worth the massive tax on my tiny unfit lung.
Plus I got to complain a lot on the way up, which is always fun.

Very postcardy eh?

Andy still had energy for the leaping…

Or possibly he is moonwalking?






The view from the Other Side.









On the way back down I met up with an old friend, but she was too busy to come along with us.







In the afternoon we took a ridiculously stressful drive through Palermo up some winding mountains to our ‘slightly-still-under-construction’ hotel. We learnt enough about Palermo to realise that we probably made the right decision in staying an extra day in Cefalu instead of touring the capital.


And the next morning we left the Island for Venice….

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