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London Back-dateupdate: Squirrels, Dim Sum, What’s the Point of It (Martin Creed)

Our final day in London- back when we were there around Easter- was one of cramming in all the things we hadn’t managed to get around to yet.

We woke up to a pretty glorious morning, and headed to the ‘China Town’ area of the city (Gerrard St) with thoughts of dim sum dancing in our heads….

.. only to find that all the dim sum places didn’t open until a respectful 11 am.

So I spent the next one and a half hours chasing squirrels and slightly more sessile flowers in St James Park, while Andy dozed and read on the lawn.



A squirrel, contemplating Andy, contemplating a squirrel.


See just how late this post is? This is back when there were still cherry blossoms!









Good greif I love springtime!

And then it was finally dim sum time- and it was better than I could have ever imagined- because there were Rice noodle rolls (my all time favourite!!)


And of course, dumplings, (slightly disappointing squid rings), and more dumplings….


The dumplings blur as they are rushed at warp speed towards my mouth!

As a note-

Andy being slightly underwhelmed by our sago pudding..

We headed east, past the giant rooster.



Taking, of course, a short break to pause in front of some touristy sites.


Before reaching our destination!

Our visit was to check out Martin Creed’s ‘What’s the point of it’, which is a kind of self mocking look into the world of modern art.

Rather unfortunately, they were pretty anti cameras, and pretty good at forcing the rule- so I can’t show you a great deal of photos from what was inside.

This, I snapped before seeing the NOFOTO sign (and the guards seeing me)- was a giant rotating neon side that flung itself in circles just over your head at varying speeds- the first thing you saw on entering the exhibition.

In summary of the exhibit- in addition to the normal modern art things (common objects attempting to be art by some arrangement or colour or positioning), he had three main themes.

1) Stacking things. Here you can see it with tiles in the bathroom- but it was repeated with tiles on the floor, sticky plaster, etc. And other things generally stacked, lined up, or striped (you can see some of it here)

2) Automation. There was door that opened and closed, lights that went on and off, a piano that opened its lid and then slammed shut, a car which had the lights flash, siren sound and doors slam, etc.

3) ‘Ew’- this included some phallic wall protrusions, a video of a penis going up and down- and, for the true gross and not just childish squeal- a video of a girl pooing and vomiting.

But of course, at the end of the day, we were only there for the giant room filled to the brim with balloons!


















And how our hair looked after all the static?

Andy: perfect as normal.

Tegan: hot rat-mess!

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