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Leaving Granada

Just thought I’d quickly throw up some of the images from the last day in Granada.
We ‘awoke with the Alhambra’ but to be honest, all felt a bit pooped from the previous days palace-ing to do too much serious history-ing.So the day was mostly a general wander, punctuated with the chowing down of churros, the sipping of tea, supping on little calamares, and wading through salt….







At one point in our travels we came upon a Japanese garden, and thought- ‘wot ho! When in Spain, do as the Japanese do’ (or something like that).

The whole thing was a bit odd.

The garden itself was inside a building, and to get in you had to pass though a kind of ‘lax airport security’. Your bag went through x-ray, and you went through a metal detector.

But if you set it off, they just pretty much assumed it was because you had a belt, and sent you on through.

So maybe there is a certain sort of person who likes to reign terror on small japanese gardens but has one tragic flaw of being unable to not admit to ‘also having a knife/bomb’ when asked how they keep their pants up?

Anyway, the garden itself was quite odd- weird little islands of that lichen stuff you can buy in craft stores, all spray painted different colours.

Plus, the ground was salt (although non of them men would taste it to confirm), which did at least necessitate the wearing of dinky little booties.




For Ray:

Meanwhile, someone had found sweets…

.. and we all decided that we deserved a chocolate-break from all the hard work in the salt mines.


What’s 59 years old and closely resembles a tawney owl slurping down a snake?




Beautiful! (I am probably now out of the will!)

Ultimately, it became clear that Ariel and mother were leading us towards some sort of monastry.

Not a bad building, but very low walls, and no visible streams or wells.

2 out of 10 for Zombie Apocalypse Fortitude.

It did have very cool stone/moss floors though. So while Ariel discovered that yet another Spanish monument she wanted to visit was closed for the siesta, I played and posed.


^The closest I will ever get to having an actual pony!


Late in the afternoon, before hitting up the train station, we headed back to the mirador (viewpoint) near our apartment to take one last gaze at the Alhambra- this time with a bit less of the backlight.

^There are people all along the wall and tower tops. We wanted to get their attention and tried waving. So Ariel suggested flashing them.

I guess she meant with the camera?





^I actually think he’s probably blinking in this photo, but with the sunnies on we can just pretend otherwise right?


One of our final views of the city was the light hitting the snow-capped mountains. Super stunning.






Don’t forget to eat Pomegranate in Granada!

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