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Christmas 2014- In Seville

I think I’m going to skip over Cordoba for now so that the first post of the New Year is piccies from the family Christmas in Seville.

On Christmas day Ariel and Mother got stuck into the (rather tiny) kitchen, and cooked up a storm of rabbit, chicken and assorted accompaniments.

Meanwhile the men (AM, AW and myself), rearranged furniture to accommodate such a feasting.

Presents were given:


And it was proven once and for all, that Andy, and not Father, is ‘Best Boy’ (they have been competing for the title for years).











The creators standing beside their feast:

A kartoffel pig, stealing all the potatoes:




^No shame!





By 6 pm, Andy had only walked 572 steps.

We headed to the streets to up the count, and discovered that all of Seville had had the same idea.




Icecream was consumed:

And we ran into a weird little christmas camel-bird-thing that was making clucking noises and attracting the nearby children (and adults).




Hope you all had a good one!

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