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Seville: Alcazar-dabra Alcazar-dam

I have the feeling that we’re going to have to make a trip back to Seville some time in the future.
Andy and I only had two days there, and the first of these was Christmas.

We didn’t get to see Plaza de Espana, we didn’t get to see the Cathedral or the Tower or any of the numerous parks or museums or galleries.

We didn’t get to walk around the city, and we barely got a bite of the (I’m sure marvelous) food.

But at least we got a look in at the Alcazar.

Wiki tells me that the Alcazar was originally a moorish fort. To be honest, I didn’t get an especially anti-zombie-safety feel from it.

Pretty though.


Plus, they had peacock. And tourists photographing peacocks. And tourists photographing tourists photographing peacocks….

.. and tourists tricking stupid little bird-brained peacocks into thinking they have food just so they can photograph peacocks.

As soon as we entered we raced to reserve the ‘special tickets’ for the palace.

Which turned out to be a good thing, because they seemed to have a really strange system in which it wasn’t possible to buy tickets too close to the actual time of entry…. they basically just told everyone that it was all ‘booked out’ (even our tour, which had just 6 people).. It seemed like a weird business model.

Anyway, there were no photos allowed inside the palace, so here are some photos of us standing near the staircase instead.



Good staircase huh?


For anyone who hasn’t had their fill of amazing tile- and plaster-work, I’ve thrown up a couple more photos.















Pretty stunning, and it had a rather nice garden for the roaming too.







^Andy got excited when he say an Aussie gum tree.









That’s all folks.


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