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Short Stories from GC: I (Where the Volcano Meets the Sea)

There’s a lovely Australian children’s  book called ‘Where the Forest Meets the Sea’.
The beaches at Playa de Ingles are ‘Where the volcano meets the sea’.

They’re not pristine and white- but  instead are this fascinating mixture of ground up sea parts, and belched out volcanic grit and dust.
The dust is so much lighter than the sand, and forms a salt-infused lichen-like crust.


When you kick the stuff, it separates, and the dust puffs out like tiny fungal spores.

And it barely sinks in water, but can’t quite mix- instead forming a moody-looking colloidal form.

When the water rushes off again, the dust is too heavy to follow completely, and too light to settle immediately…

…so it hangs around at your feet, in little rivery threads.







Greetings from GC folks!



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