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Things to do in Leipzig: The Fish of Leipzig

Berlin is pretty famous for it’s street art. It’s ubiquitous, varied, and can be found on all scales- from tiny notes and figures, to massive building-high murals. Check out some of the pretties here and here.
Whilst in Leipzig, we stumbled quite randomly on this ‘Wall of Fishies’.

And because I also want to show you the awesomeness of the colour of my dress (I have been looking for a ‘secondary green’ dress since my 21st birthday, which was themed to this advertisment).

Here they are.

(Don’t worry, for those of you who are only in it for the Andy- I’ve got a photo of him too!)





The fish are on the corner of Altenburgerstrasse and Richard-Lehmannstrasse. We saw them while heading towards the Asisi Panometer. (You can’t see them on Streetview- it’s from 2008!)

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