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My Little PonyZimmer

I may have mentioned a couple of times that our new(ish- I guess we’ve been here for 4 months!) flat has a kind of 1/2 room as well as the bedroom and living room, kitchen and bathroom.

It’s a kind of Guest Room. A kind of Bob Dylan Room. A kind of Sewing Room. A kind of Storage Room. A kind of Pony Room.


Let’s head on in!

^Note the eucalypt! Great thing about Aussie flora is that once you’ve got ’em, they do tend to hang around. We’re aiming for an actual small gum tree of some kind as a living plant, but our last trip to ‘German Bunnings’ brought us up short.

^Treadmill in the foreground, that I bought, but think is a bit large. Have to start using it, maybe that will help with the love. Also, the trusty old sofa bed we have another in the lounge, so we can officially sleep 6!

^Last weekend I made some curtains, so that when our guests come to stay. I’ve now done a proper job of our bedroom (they were previously safety pinned to height), the lounge and the Pony Zimmer.

Red being the dominant theme.

^Sewing/Reading/Dylaning corner. The table has to be moved when the guests come, but we already did a test- it fits comfortably on top of the wardrobe.

^More plants. I’m not convinced by this little thing yet- the first time I tried to water it, it leaked. Maybe I was just overzealous?



^It’s a hoya and a cactus!

And….. Birdseye View:

It’s tiny, but it’s funky!


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