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Meet Me in the Rose Garden

Did you know that the Berlin Tiergarten actually has a rather lovely ‘Rose Garden’ in it?

I didn’t- although when I mentioned it to my friends after my family and I stumbled into it last weekend, they were super unimpressed in the ‘already in the know’ sort of way.

To be honest, I find roses a bit boring.

So it is┬ápossible that some one of these so-called friends already mentioned the garden to me previously and I was all ‘pfft, whatever, lame’.

And then proceeded to spend 20 minutes explaining why all Australian plants are superior to roses, are prettier, use less water, and are better for the birds.

Yep, nearly three years on, and I’m still trying to adapt to this whole European thing. (As as side note- a couple of weeks back we saw a fox. It was super cute, but my first thought was- ‘get away from my native fauna you cunning little furry bastard’).

Ok, enough of my rambling, let’s see us some flowers.

Right this way sir, follow the suspicious looking little fellow in the hat.

I’m sure you already guessed that this garden has more than roses.

Plus, despite being planted and maintained, the plants give of a slightly wild-and-free vibe. Like they belong.

These red guys are my favourite. I’m fairly certain that they’re from the echinaceae genus, and are generally related to the German ‘Sun hat’ flowers.

But I’m not that type of plant scientist, so it’s highly likely that I’m wrong.

Luckily, it turns out that ‘knowledge of scientific names and clades’ has absolutely correlation to ‘appreciation of beauty’.

Take notes botany nerds!

Water features are always pretty cool.

Again, not so popular in Australia.

Roses! We will forgive them their rosey-ness because they look a little like sunsets.

But my heart still bleeds red:

I spent some time playing ‘camera chasey’ with the bumble bees.

But they weren’t particularly willing models.

… and then ran across some other animals (in the Tiergarten/Animal garden)

Andy and my Aunt, visiting from Australia

Of course, if you’re in the area, the rest of the park is always pretty nice for a walk this time of year.

Don’t eat the Berries!

So, see you in the (not so) Secret Garden?

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