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Falling leaves

Well last week was my birthday, which was filled with lovely cake, thoughtful gifts and a rather large surprise. Trust me, you’ll be seeing more on that later. But for now, let’s go back a week, to Pau’s birthday, and one of the last moments of Autumn.

After a rather tasty birthday brunch, Fabio, Iman, Pau and I headed out to Charlottenburg Palace park, to catch the last glimpses of golden light frolick in fall.img_0435-copy img_0437-copy   img_0457-copy

You’d better believe that there was a whole lot of leaf throwing involved!img_0467-copyoutput_votqk9img_0474-copy img_0477-copy img_0481-copyoutput_tcx4hximg_0515-copy img_0519-copy

^Fabio=so tall!output_pqkux8-1

Fabio knows what’s coming for him:img_0530-copy img_0534-copy

… Iman thinks it is funny!img_0544-copy  img_0558-copy  img_0592-copy img_0594-copy img_0596-copy img_0597-copy img_0599-copyoutput_out7ujimg_0628-copy img_0629-copy img_0661-copy img_0662-copy img_0666-copy    img_0688-copy

Pau got her American Beauty on, while Iman helped her cover up.img_0690-copy    img_0700-copy img_0707-copy   img_0713-copy    img_0725-copy

Hope you guys have been enjoying the changing seasons as much as we are!


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