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Red white and blue

Hiya there everyone. This is another one of those posts that’s filled entirely of photos of me and my self-made dress. So if you think that’s kinda odd, feel free to move on along.

And on he subject of kinda odd. Definitely odd, is me standing in a park trying to learn how to use a tripod/selfie timer to take photos of myself this morning.

Definitely a test in willpower vs embarrassment.

On the plus side, most of the (generally older) people who walked past were quite kind, and some even said nice things. Given that the default position here is ‘ignore thy neighbor’, in some ways it was quite nice just to break through. 



A dress I made.

I actually made it quite some time back. But it originally looked like this:

It’ a bit chaotic. The waist band is slightly skewed, and the skirt hem is a complete mess.

The material itself is tissue-paper thin, and quite see-through (slip required at all times), which made it a bit awkward to sew, for someone as novice as myself, but on the other hand very forgiving in in fit.

I originally hemmed it sing a thing strip of (poorly cut) sew-on fusing. Which seemed, at the time, like a good way to give the thing enough structure to run through the machine without bunching. In reality, I ended up with an uneven catastrophe, which I didn’t want to resew for fear of over shortening the thing.

I wore it a couple of times, but not often.

Anyway, a month or so back I decided I wanted ruffles. And so, here we are.   

I have to admit- the back is still a complete mess. I cut it a bit too low,  and ideally I would have liked to have carried the ruffle around to the back. Unfortunately, I ran out of material, so it ends kind of abruptly on the shoulders.

On top of that, the zip, which is not 100% straight and is much heavier than the material itself, causes a bit of puckering at the back.

One day I’ll go in and fix it.

But, you know, today is not that day.

Oh, and the plus side is- I did put in a little baby pocket on one side (using the last few cm of material I had!). Yay for pockets. Yay or feminism!

And of course- Yay for stripes!

As Andy put it when he saw this photo- it’s the dress for all occasions, including the murder-y ones:


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