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The Purrth Cat Cafe

How many cats is too many cats?

I’m asking for a friend….

A couple of days back my sister, mother and I headed to the Perth (Purrth) Cat Cafe to check out some kitties.

Some of us were Pretty. Darn. Excited.We entered the arena, and immediately began searching for cats.

They were not hard to find:

The Purrth cat cafe has a total of 12 (TWELVE!!) cats, and only accepts 12 people per one hour session, to keep the ratio at a healthy 1:1. This, as it has been explained once to me by Joram, is in fact the Golden Ratio for Kitties and People:  when it comes to ownership at least, the ideal number of cats is one per person, but with a minimum of two, so that they don’t get lonely.

In any case, when we hit up the cafe, we were there with only two other people, giving us a very healthy 12:5, in favour of the cats.

We went for a morning session, which mean the cats were active (or in some cases morning-grumpy).  A factor that made them slightly difficult to coerce into a selfie.

Turns out that an active cat is mostly just a blurry cat:

Still, we found one of the smaller kitties (Ren) who seemed to have a brief technical glitch (as kitties often do), and took advantage of her stillness to try to get some shots:With, admittedly, limited success.

Cats gonna look where cats gonna look.

Luckily, after the initial bout of activity, some of the kitties settled down, took up a pose, and awaited their adoring fans:

(^A cat named Jelly)

(Above, Raksha, and below, the three legged Albus Dumbledore)

(Above, Rolo living the high life and below, Mr Fox and Mowgli)

In case you were wondering what the whole enclosure looks like, it’s basically IkeaXCat, with plenty of bookcases, shelves and sky islands to climb and loll about on.

To support the mental wellbeing of the cats, although you can play with and pet each animal, you are not allowed to pick them up and physically move them about. Additionally, each cat has the possibility to hide in the ceiling boxes out of reach if feeling too pestered.

At one point, the snacks arrived, and the kitties showed that they were more than willing to do tricks for treats:

(Below, Major Tom, and (I think) Raksha or Mowgli doing their jumping tricks)

This Furry Fellow- Rolo- was quite happy to act like a parrot when lured in position by a tasty snack. 

… but her long-term attention span was not great, and she quickly moved on.

Meanwhile, Sparky demonstrated the true cat nature, by oscillating between blatant indifference:

…and full out affection:

Rey with Sparky:

One of the Bowie boys, complete with heterochromatic eyes. This fellow is Major Tom.

All in all, we spent one fairly happy hour, chasing after and conversing with cats, drinking coffee (trying to prevent the cats from drinking coffee), and generally just relaxing and playing in the presence of the magnificent kitties.

12 out of 12 (cats). Would recommend.

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