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Christmas Truffles and Friends

Well hi! It looks like it might just be that time of year again…

Welcome to the Christmas Cookie Roundup, 2019.

The main thing I made this year was a bunch of experimental truffles.

Last year’s date-tahini truffles went down pretty well so this time I tried a few other things.

1. Green tea (Matcha) and white chocolate coconut truffles

These guys are made with a white chocolate ganache, 2:1 chocolate:cream, with several teaspoons of matcha powder added in.

The coconut is added mostly as a necessity- the ganache struggles to maintain its composure in over-heated offices!


 2. Salted caramel date and tahini dark chocolate truffles

As mentioned, these guys are a repeat on last year. If I’m 100% honest, I think I overdid the tahini this time around. I tried it, wanted more of a kick, and added more… but I think with the 70% shell the amount I put in makes the overall think a bit too bitter and savoury.

Still… it will be fun to repeat it all next year, especially now that I feel I’ve got the chocolate dipping method down.

 3. Black sesame white chocolate truffles.

These are made in honour of Doro, and her constant instagramming of black sesame icecream while in Japan, which never failed to make me hungry.

 4. Dark choc raspberry ganache truffles

 5. Dark choc orange truffles with homemade candied orange peel

And, in the ‘other’ or ‘non-truffle’ category:

 6. Fruit cake!

This time also in handy muffin form. I wasn’t sure this would work so I didn’t do so many, but next time around I think I’ll do a tonne of these- much easier for the gifting!

 7. Almond cinnamon balls

 8. Chocolate truffle cookies

 9. Shortbread tea biscuits 

 9. Kahk-ish slice

(Usually I make the family traditional Kahk, cornetti and ghorraeba, but I’m honestly not crazy into cornetti, and the ghorraeba are a bit boring. So this time I just did the date-containing kahks. Except I cheated, and instead of making them into round doughnuts, which takes a lot of effort, and never gives me as many kahk as I want, I just made long tubes that I then sliced up. I think I shall do this often from now on).

 10. Ginger spice cookies

That’s all folks.

Here’s a couple of group photos of the lovelies!


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