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Copenhagen, 2019, part II

The morning began with pastries, which is not a bad way for a morning to begin.

We headed out to Meyers Bageri, which was pretty consistently listed as one of the ‘best sweet scroll places to eat Danish Danishes at’ according to my google research. For reasons that I don’t really understand, E missed the ‘bread’ memo and went with a salted chocolate brownie… which then rudely ended up being one of the best things at the table.

My purple things was technically blueberry, but clearly had cardamon in it (they just can’t help themselves, and for this I am eternally pleased!). It was pretty fabulous. The chocolate cinnamon scroll had too much chocolate on it to do the cinnamon flavouring any justice, so I’d pass on that next time.

Anyway, we took our scrolls to a The Coffee Collective (also highly starred), not quite realising that they would also be in the breakfast-scroll selling business. We played tourist, and ate our paper-bag scrolls anyway.

Oh yeah, and E met and befriended this plant.  

Although having a history of not liking non-green plants (he refused to water the red orchid in our ex-office because of its displeasing colour and disgusting velvety texture), he was won over by the three leaves.

Apparently things coming in threes are very in this Summer. Trust him, the kid is a trendsetter.

Anyway, we walked around the area, which included the Jægersborggade, a street brimming with cool shops, that was recommended to us by a new colleague. The bad side was that most of the shops were closed, because Sunday. The good side of this being that if the shops were open, Enrique would have had to wait for several hours while I ‘just had a quick look’ in every single one.




We wandered back in the direction of the city centre, and eventually landed back at the food market Torvehallerne.

Enrique, who had not eaten nearly his share of the breakfast scroll, had his eyes on some Smørrebrød.

In the end, we chose a ‘more about substance than style’ salmon and caper piece, which was everything our little hearts and giant stomachs could desire.

Filled with fish, we headed to our next stop- the Botanical Gardens.

^Aren’t the ‘no dogs’ etc., signs beautiful? Everything is this city is just so lovely!


I’ll admit that at least a part of the decision to go into the greenhouse was based on the fact that the wind had picked up outside.

We entered, and my camera immediately entered ‘fog mode’:

.. but luckily recovered soon after.

Oh the plants we could see, from fern fronds to flowers!

There were moody plants filled with drama:


Plants all about brightness and colour:

Plants in it for the patterns:

And others that were way more about texture:

I also met up with this native Aussie Wollemi Pine …

As well as some more fun friends.

After a thorough looksee, we headed back out into the sun:                                           

We did a bit more walking, and even managed to find some more flowers (outside of the botanical garden- who knew!?)

Then it was time for more smørrebrød. This time we went to Aamans, which seems to be one of the most famous/recommended of the city. Which I think is well worth it.

We took four breads, a tartare, a terrine, an avocado and a herring. Honestly, the tatare was the clear winner, but each one was completely different from the rest, filled with a rich combination of multiple flavours, and wonderful in its own way.

In any case, my photos definitely do not do it justice, so check out the website. And, if in Copenhagen, check out the food itself.

Back out in the world, we wandered a bit, before settling down for some afternoon coffee.


And then, at some point, it became time to head back home…

Thanks for having us Copenhagen.


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