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The worm, the hat

I made a woolly hat!

Just in time for Summer….

Quite some time ago, back before the weather turned properly cold, my friend Giulia gifted me with a set of crocheting needles, a ball of wool, and a pattern to make a hat.

And then, I didn’t make it.

Until, six month later, after a lot of reminders, I finally found myself sitting at the office knitting club desk, having somehow managed to be at work on a day when the needles were also at work, the wool was also at work, and Giulia was also at work.

She taught me how to make a basic worm:

And then, over time, the worm became a bit chonkier.

… and a bit less straight.

The pattern itself is a free one from We are Knitters, and simply involve doing 32 half double crochets (a kind of loose weave-y stitch), and then four slip stitches.

I’m going to be honest, I did not count my stitches, and definitely added and dropped a few all over the place. As well as doing at least some of the stitches backwards.

And yet, somehow, after just a couple of hours of work, i had something that could be tubulated (a fancy made up word for joining the two end bits together) into a hat.

A friggin’ hat!

I ran out of the maroon wool, but I might eventually put a different coloured pom pom on the top- especially seeing as I didn’t quite sew the ends up in the most perfect of ways.

But all up, I think it looks quite cute.

Many thanks to Giulia for the awesome creative gift!

Gifted November 2022, Hat finished March 2023

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