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Shibori-dye Top

I made a top!

Or more specifically, Giulia and I made a top.

She helped brew the Indigo. But more on that later.

^Yeah, I don’t know why my eyes are doing that either.

It’s a very simple top, which is kind of what I’m wanting from my sewing projects right now.

And also a bit representative of the materials I was working with, which was just experimentally shibori-indigo dyed cotton canvas in very small strips.

Take one front panel, two side panels, and add some pleats…

Add two half panels for the back, some pearly buttons, and some straps.

As you can maybe see, I was a bit too artistic with the back straps because in my mind the back would also cross (they can’t, there’s not enough fabric). So I guess I’ll have to replace them at some point.

And probably also reinforce the button holes.

But for now, I’m happy that it just is.

24th June, 2023

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