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Heeeeeey Nederlanders!


It’s been a while since a blog, mostly because Andy and I ‘jetted’ off to the Netherlands for the long weekend.
This statement makes our life seem more glamorous than it really is. Please try to imagine me saying it in the poshest, toffiest accent possible.
Is it still classed as ‘jetting’ when one is in a vehicle not much larger than a biplane?

It was a really nice trip, and we got to see many amazing things (although only about 1/63rd of what Amsterdam has to offer, and thus probably about 1/3478900 of the Nederlands). *Sigh*.. now we just have to go back.

One of the fun things was remembering all the times from when I eurotripped with the lovely Ashlee and Lauren.

Here’s a quick visual:

Lauren and Tegan in Shoe, ’09. I think Ash refused to get in…

I feel I can still pull off the shoe.

More furious blogging during the week.

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