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Look Ma (plus Aunties), I made a dress!

The sewing learning continues- and last Sunday I finally managed to finish a dress from a pattern!

The pattern is from McCalls- M6503- with my intention being to make style C- modified to exclude the front ruffle and have a pleated skirt from the D style, instead of the gathered C skirt.
In the end, I removed the back collar as well, because it was sitting strangely, and had to return to a D-C hybrid skirt (I made the pleats too large and had to unpick one, but couldn’t be bothered taking out both so just sort of gathered the remaining).
On the hanger you can see more clearly that the back collar is missing- but I think it’s less noticeable when worn. You can also see that the pattern trails off a bit on the left side of the hem- so I might have to go back and fix the hemline a bit.
It’s my first time working with actual printed material- instead of just a block colour- and cutting the pieces to fit in place was a bit of fun. Unfortunately, I bought the stuff as a kind of remnant from the turkish market, and barely had enough to cover the dress- so there wasn’t so much room for error.
Still, I’m pretty happy with the 3 euros/m pricetag that it was attached to!
And I think I’m pretty pleased with the final product.
You can see that the waist section is interfaced (so is the collar)- which gives it the stiffness required to keep a nice shape.
So- what do you think? Do I get the ‘Ladies who can sew’ seal of approval?



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