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Topkapi Palace

I have to be honest, I think that by the time we got to Topkapi Palace we were a bit tourist-ed out.

So you’ll have to forgive me for relaying the experience rather rapidly…I think Andy and I probably spent more time lounging on benches watching people and resting feet than actually exploring the grounds and buildings.

Anyway, I left you last with a mouth full of Pita. Our journey continued once more across the Galata Bridge, where we paused for a short time to pose like the maniacs we are.


We decided it would be suitable to ‘yearn’ at eachother in a ‘symbolic representation of our landscape’. Or something.

There was some kersckuffeling while we tried to work out if Andy should be on the European side, or the Asian (given his asian anscestry), and then I donned by best ‘yearn face’.

I think Andy’s effort is a bit weak actually.

We also got this…

.. but it seemed just a little odd with the son involved, so we removed him.

And look now at that Angst!

Andrew showing his son how it’s done (although Mari-Anne looks maybe like she’s doing ballet instead).



At some stage after our trip Andy and I did the ‘debreif’, of listing our top 5 favourite things about the city.

His included ‘the coffee- especially the one that Selin took us to’ and the Blue Mosque.

Mine included the call to prayer, the cats and the juxtaposition of all the buildings (old vs new, east vs west).

But I think I need to amend it to add the ‘people watching’.




Of course, as all important places should be- this palace was guarded by a (very) disdainful feline.

The first buildings we went into were a bit too pastel, gilded, and over-the-top in that frouffy rococco way to really take my fancy.


And it was hot inside! That kind of cloying, not-quite-enough-oxygen-left, 5000-people-existing-in-a-10m2-space heat that made me panic, bolt, and head off in search of some nice cool nature.



At one point we spend 20 minutes in a queue, only to find out that we were headed into a dimly lit room showcasing some of the royal bling… a room that didn’t seem to differ in any way from the other two identical bling-showing rooms on either side of this particular holding.


We wandered away from the ostentatious display of wealth, in search of some ostentatious displays of natural beauty…





Ah! This is is more like it:

Tiles Tiles Tiles! As far as the eye can see.


I love them!

Luckily for Andy, it’s a kind of love that admits that blue and white patterned ceramics, offset with stained glass and carved nooks, probably has a time and a place…


… and it’s only a very small part of me that nonetheless wants this as my kitchen splash-back….

… as our bedroom ceiling…

.. or as a feature wall in our Flur.




So. Much. Pretty!

(Incidentally, these ones are painted, but my favourites are the super-old-school designs, where you can see that each section is hand-cut and tessellated together into beautiful patterns).

See! They would not only suit my Wohnung, but also my boyfriend!

(But probably I would need to also install some sort of gothic ceiling- more on that when I finally get around to blogging about Barcelona!)


As mentioned above, Andy and I were pretty pathetic, and not so used to the ‘walking all day’ thing. Resting seemed like a good idea… but the notion did not get past the others.

We were off to Topkapi (Guhlane) Park!






Andy made friends with a bear…


… and also with these guys,





We climbed (took the funicular) back up to Taksim square..



… and Andy partook in the closest thing to a Mc-Double that he could find.

Apparently they’re quite famous in that area?

But I think in the end he was a little underwhelmed.. maybe he bought the wrong one?

And then, just seconds after we arrived at the hotel, we were back on our feet again, and heading out to dinner- at a slightly fancy place, with fairly good views, and very fantastic views.










(Psst- don’t you think Mari-Anne has a bit of a Lauren look in this one?)



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