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A very merry birthday

Also known as ‘It’s my birthday and I ate dumplings ’cause I wanted to’

Last birthday, we were in Paris.

This year, my day of birth began with a 9 am meeting with my boss, and several other boss people who we are collaborating with.

On the plus side, the meeting went super well, and I arrived back to find my desk in a beautiful state of present and cake ladenness!

So I want to thank every one who was involved in making the birthday away from Australia still super birthday-y!

Including the people from Australia who sent cards (which somehow miraculously arrived on either Monday or Tuesday), and birthday wishes from facebook.



Pau made her world-famous carrot cake..



A nice man with his choco-cake! (plus choc-chip muffins from J.)




After some discussion the previous week, which involved me demanding what I thought would be the most impossible creations ever (I came up with egg-free souffle), I came up with ‘3D croquembouche in the shape of the letter T’.

I think Joram did pretty well:


Strawberry cake!!!



Someone even managed to dig up a candle!







What Joram described as a ‘totally not last minute printed on the work printer birthday card’

.. which they none-the-less managed to get nearly everyone to sign.

The message says something like- ‘hopefully I make it longer than the cat, maybe next year the present will come on time.. this year, not so much’

And then there’s a (badly) drawn picture of the present, I still haven’t worked out what it is… Prizes for you if you guess correctly.

And then, that evening, as is my wont on birthdays, I demanded that people come and eat large amounts of (asian) food with me.




I like how certain people at the end of this photo is eyeing off the dumplings with not shame.


At some point Juliane’s dumpling made it into her soft drink (likely Alix knocked it in in her desperate grab for more dumplings!)





‘Augh, their little shrimpy eyes are staring at me’


There were also gifts (thanks so much guys!)








Thanks everyone who made it a fun birthday!


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