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To market, to market

To buy a fat oyster?
Mari-Anne and Andrew arrived in Barcelona a couple of days before us, and were teasing us with amazing photos of fresh fruits and juices while we were still stuck in Deutschland (home of the most disgusting liquid ever: Sauerkrautsaft).

But luckily, the are not overly cruel, and our first journey on arrival in the city, was in the direction of the Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria.


We headed along some festively decorated corridors, past amazing architecture, until we hit La Rambla, the massive tree-lined pedestrian mall that runs from Placa de Catalunya to Port Vell.



Barcelona is really a wonderful city to walk in. The scenery is constantly interesting- I’ve seriously never spent so much time looking at an photographing ‘ordinary’ buildings!

I mean just look at this!


And THIS!!
(Ok, this one’s a bit silly, but it was just opposite our appartment, so I had to include it).

To add to the joy of roaming, if our short stay is anything to beleive, it is constantly 24 degrees in Barcelona. Even in the late evening!

We hit the markets..

And were hit by a wall of fleshy pinks…

… and rainbow fruits…

….earthy fungi…



…raging chilis…

.. golden pastries..

… rich and decadent choccies…


.. and right on back to that rainbow in the form of more fruits and their freshly-squeezed products

Come, come taste my juicy fruits…

Closer, closer…

It looks a little dubious doesn’t it?


While the others were busy visually gorging on the colours of the market, I made a beeline for my beloved, and attempted actual gorging of the physical kind.


Fresh seafood!

And when Spain does fresh, they really do fresh. (Hopefully he’s not in any pain).

It puts the lemon on the oyster




Oh yeah!

If you’re in Barcelona you should definitley pop by for a visit (and an oyster or too). I can’t imagine how amazing it would be to work near this place and just ‘duck in for some fresh fruit, cheese, seafood, ham..’ on your lunchbreak.


The memory of all the colours will help sustain me through the cabbage winter!

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