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Autumn is going…

It’s -3 degrees in Potsdam, my toes are constant icicles, and my poor balcony parsley is ┬ánow preserved as a rather crisp and pathetic shadow of its former self.

So here they are, the last photos of Autumn 2014.

These are actually from a rather lovely walk in the park (Tiergarten) 3 weeks ago, which we took on our way to the Mauerfall party.


Andy looks into the future and is nervous: the future is COLD!







It’s kind of amazing how, even during nice slow autumns like the one we had this year, so many of the leaves seem to decide take the Final Fall Fall at the same time.

Which results in carpets of leaves… which can be somewhat misleading:

T: ‘Wooooohh DEAD LEAVES!’

A: ‘hmm, there might be bugs in there’.




GAH! Autumn is just so pretty. Now we just have to ride out the ‘grey cold’ (thank goodness for Christmas markets), until we get the ‘snow cold’, and then onwards- into spring!


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